I have always loved music. I enjoy the buzz when you first try a song and it works. It might not be perfect but you realise that with a few tweaks it’s going to rock. Then when you play it and the crowd realise what you’ve started, and cheer their appreciation; that’s got to be one of the best feelings ever!
Saying that, I like crowds that get into the music with you. And let you know about it. The band is only half the equation, the crowd makes the night!
So if you ever come to watch, please give us some feedback and interact with us. We love that!
In terms of influences, perhaps surprisingly for this genre, The Beatles were my earliest influence and after that I got into The Who, Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd and David Bowie.  Other more recent favourites are AC/DC, Metallica. However by far my favourite band is Radiohead (again that doesn’t really add up either!).
And finally Mick told me to tell you that I have met Bruce Dickinson! He is one top fella!
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